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About Our Boats

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We are proud of the wide range of inflatable boat models we have researched, developed and manufactured. Our products are designed with both safety and function as primary considerations. Our boat sales have increased steadily over the years with Trinity Leisure Watercraft now supplying a diverse group of marine companies. We have developed an outstanding reputation in the boating industry. Trinity Leisure Watercraft strives to supply the highest product quality as well as providing one of the best warranties available in today's market. Our inflatable boats are distinguished by a rigid integral transom and an inflatable keel which helps improve handling under all levels of power. Available in 270-(9ft), 320-(11ft) & 360-(12ft) lengths, our inflatable boats work well in all different conditions from oceans to fresh water lakes and are used for back packing trips, offshore angling and search and rescue. There are different types of floors available for different models: choices are Honeycomb fiberglass, Air mat and Aluminum.

What is an RIB/RHIB?
RIBs, also known as rigid inflatable boats, are strong inflatable powerboats with flat or inflatable hulls. RHIBs are rigid hull inflatable boats made of fibreglass or aluminum fitted with inflatable collars or tubes. Not only does this design provide excellent fendering but as well makes RIBs almost unsinkable and suitable for all sorts of conditions. RIBs are some of the most versatile boats available and are used as rescue boats by the coastguard, patrol boats by the military, work boats, race boats in international competitions, tenders to yachts and super yachts, and as general purpose all round cruising or fishing boats enjoyed by families around the world.

The material we use
Our Premium Mehler-Valmex PVC Fabric (German engineered) is 0.9 mm and 1.2 mm thick, and is 1100 - 1200 denier to make our units extra strong. we also use Premium Pennel-ORCA HYPALON Fabric (French engineered)

Design details

  • Adhesive structure
  • We use the best Polyurethane glue on the market today for the highest strength
  • All units are made by hand for the highest quality,
  • We end up with four layers of reinforced seams for strength and durability.

Technical details
The inner baffles on our boats not only keep individual air chambers completely sealed for safety but they also have a flexible design which works to equalize air pressure between chambers. An Inflatable keel comes with mostly all our boats and gives superior directional control with very sensitive handling and maneuvering and performance.

Check out our boats and SUP's